Instroducing S-lock

The Next Generation of Bike Security

S-lock establishes a new standard for bike locks. A combination of overall mechanical strength and a powerful deterrent inside, provides a new level of security. It is light, elegant, and sleek.

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Let us tell you a secret

Locks don’t scare thieves, getting caught does. Hence the barrier between your bike and the thief is more psychological than mechanical.

S-lock uses nature’s smells

Like the traditional bike locks, S-lock is manufactured from hardened steel. The real distinction however is inside. The U part of the lock is filled under high pressure with a mixture of obnoxious aromas — those of rotten eggs, rotten fish, and onions. This mixture is sprayed out with a great pressure, if the lock is tampered with.

Why does it work?

Imagine being sprayed with a really foul-smelling liquid? Something that does not come off easily. You would be immediately noticed by those in the vicinity. It would certainly make a huge personal discomfort. Would you consider cutting such lock? Is the trouble worth the gain?

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